The world’s first dengue fever vaccine is now available.

Authorities have freed a dolphin that learned how to feed from Queensland’s floating drum lines.

A survey of farmers has found many are concerned about looming threats, but feel unrepresented.

The millions of microbes we all carry can change the way our DNA works.

SA’s Natural Resources Committee says there should be no unconventional gas work without a social licence.

Nick Xenophon has given up proposed MDB changes as part of political dealings

Former FIFO workers have raised serious issues over toxic smoke from burning rock ...

Six executives at a Queensland Government-owned power company have been criticised for accepting bonuses while subcontractors go unpaid.

The Australian Energy Council has warned South Australia about the risks of solar power.

Authorities say revenue from oil and gas production has fallen “far behind” in capturing the benefits of the LNG boom.

Experts say Australia’s climate change response could depend on planning.

Experts say Australia should take PNG’s lead on gas taxing arrangements.

Almost half the CO2 released during the process of making cement over the last 70 years has been re-absorbed by the material through a process called carbonation, say international scientists.

Scientists say threats to agriculture should be faced in the least efficient sectors first.

Fluoride will be an election issue in the upcoming WA poll.

Victoria has introduced legislation to permanently ban fracking.

Thousands of researchers have been brought together with the launch of the Future Earth Program this week.

High-tech sensors and citizen scientists have tracked down a new meteorite in WA.

While record levels of coral bleaching continue, this year’s Great Barrier Reef spawning season has gone fairly well.

Australian manufacturers are removing dangerous substance from their antibacterial soaps.

Chevron will still drill four exploration wells in the Great Australian Bight, but oil giant BP has withdrawn from exploration of the region.

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