Authorities want better protections for groundwater around the mothballed Ben Lomond mine.

A high-tech telescope in the West Australian outback has produced incredible new pictures of our Universe.

Global renewable energy and generation capacity will rise by ...

Hydro Tasmania has been hit hard by the state’s energy crisis...

Elon Musk has unveiled Tesla’s next-generation rooftop solar technology.

As the good deals for rooftop solar decline, energy retailers have been accused of capitalising on consumer confusion.

Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says the Labor Party’s land clearing laws resemble those of a communist regime.

Glaciologists say hundreds of metres of solid ice were lost from West Antarctica’s glaciers between 2002 and 2009.

Dentists are again calling on the regional city of Cairns to fluoridate its water.

The leaders of a brand new field say ‘psychobiotics’ could change the world.

Some plants use a quirk of quantum physics to squeeze more energy out of the Sun.

Seventy-six cases of the Zika virus have now been diagnosed in Queensland.

Queensland roboticists say they can save the farming sector over $1 billion a year.

A locally-designed starfish-hunting death machine has opened fire on the Great Barrier Reef.

Analysts say the price of coal is about to rise, and could deliver a $A23.6bn boost to big mining groups listed in London.

The Queensland Resources Minister says gas is the “fuel of the future”.

Economists say the funding links between fossil fuel firms and researchers could threaten academic independence.

Scientists say Tasmanian devil milk could have incredible medicinal properties, for anyone bold enough to gather some.

Japanese researchers have produced fully functional eggs from skin cells.

Analysts claim Queensland’s coal mines will be granted $100 million worth of free groundwater.

The Tasmanian Government could be moving to open up protected logging reserves.

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