The Federal Government’s Green Army – a central part of its attempt at environmental policy – needs more people.

Antibiotic resistance genes are spreading to Australian wildlife, including captive sea lions and rock wallabies, and the little penguins of Sydney Harbour.

New research suggests that just like humans, fruit flies show self-awareness of their actions.

Studies on the recovery of Australia’s humpback whale populations have revealed that they are increasing at a remarkable rate, among the highest documented worldwide.

A global survey has found that the world’s wealthiest people understand climate change, but only half see it as a threat.

The Queensland Transport Department is scrambling to deal with an oil spill along a 10 kilometre stretch of water in the ocean south of Townsville.

The CFMEU has emerged as a surprise backer of the Labor Party’s 50 per cent renewable energy target, but their support is contingent on unprecedented assistance for workers.

The World Bank has taken a grim view of the future for the global mining industry, predicting prices will decline across the board.

Local research engineers have developed a flotilla of robot boats to monitor the effects of major weather events and provide early warning on potential environmental disasters.

While both sides of politics butt heads over whether or not an emissions trading scheme is a tax, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has provided a new label.

Conservationists are celebrating an oil and gas company’s decision not to hydraulically frack a well in Western Australia's Mid West.

The Federal Government is copping criticism from within its own ranks over the much-decried decision to stop the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) from investing in large wind farms and household solar.

South Australia's nuclear royal commissioner Kevin Scarce is back from his research trip to Asia, Europe, the United States and Canada.

An international team of astronomers have announced the discovery of a near-Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of a Sun-like star – the most appropriate replacement for Earth ever spotted.

Students at a WA high school have stepped way beyond the normal science class veggie patch.

The Federal Department of the Environment has highlight the big role councils play in protecting threatened species and delivering environmental outcomes.

Winton Shire Council in western Queensland has made progress on its plan to build a $3.5 million geothermal facility to use the heat from artesian water as an energy source.

Conservationists and authorities around Australia are mourning the loss of one of the environment’s fiercest defenders.

A Kiribati man faces deportation from New Zealand, after failing in his bid to become the world’s first climate refugee.

An experimental NASA satellite is providing some exciting and useful data on Australian groundwater, but it has all happened by accident.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is pushing for half of Australia's large-scale energy production to come from renewable sources within 15 years.

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