Experts from Australia and the US are coming together to find the best lessons from harsh droughts.

A small Australian native bird has become the first species other than humans to be observed communicating in a simple form of language.

A central Queensland federal MP says Fitzroy River water projects would be obvious choices for the new northern Australia plan.

Australian scientists have completed Victoria’s first ever stocktake of blue carbon hot spots, revealing millions of tonnes of stored carbon, which is at risk of being returned to the atmosphere unless conserved.

Victoria's first wave power unit is ready to be dropped into water off the state's south-west coast later this year.

An odd coupling of business, union, environmental, investor and welfare groups has come together to push for action on climate change.

A progressive group of Alice Springs grannies have held a "knit-in" to protest against hydraulic fracturing in the Northern Territory.

Recent studies have found that human are probably not the only self-aware animals.

The WA Government has agreed to examine new information and reports of generational health problems from a government policy to use an Agent Orange-linked chemical in the Kimberley.

Rural Liberals want to officially question the validity of climate science, putting concerns on the agenda for its upcoming federal council.

The Hokule'a canoe has made it to Australia, a third of the way into its three-year journey to draw attention to the dire state of our oceans.

Big game hunters could soon be bagging monster crocodiles as a way to help Aboriginal communities.

The symbolic faces of both sides of the contentious CSG industry are speaking out.

New pictures have been published of a wild and toxic lake system, filled with methane and other hydrocarbons, but authorities say there is nothing to worry about.

A bill to cut the renewable energy target (RET) has passed Federal Parliament, including measures to use native wood burning as a renewable fuel source.

Researchers have for the first time discovered how some animals sense the Earth’s magnetic field.

A network of electrical charging stations across Western Australia's South-West mark Australia’s first electric highway.

Bioengineers have created a fully functioning engine that runs on the evaporation of room-temperature water.

North Korea claims it has developed a vaccine for MERS, Ebola, AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, morning sickness and a range of other diseases.

Construction is underway on Australia's biggest glasshouse, which is solar-powered and set to provide employment for new migrants and refugees.

A ministerial adviser says Forestry Tasmania should be dismantled and all its assets sold off.

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