Local research body the Climate Council says the probability of drought in Australia will increase, and they will become more severe.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society says dredging near the Great Barrier Reef should be banned altogether.

A study using over a decade of data has found no evidence of negative effects in livestock fed on genetically-modified foods.

A Northern Territory gold mine is on its way back to operation, after shutting down over ten years ago.

Researchers are unravelling the puzzling paradox of the seahorse’s tail.

An international report has found that many biofuel policies only work by depriving people of food.

The worst Ebola epidemic on record continues, with Guinea declaring a 45-day 'health emergency' in five regions.

Clean energy lobbies have written on behalf of the industry to the Federal Government, hoping to clear an impasse in renewable energy target (RET) talks.

The Northern Territory Government has put out new oil and gas exploration licences which cover large amounts of Aboriginal land.

A new age of solar energy and information is dawning in Queensland.

More Government-funded research into the health effects of wind farms will be undertaken.

With potentially harmful chemicals accumulating on children’s playgrounds around the country, researchers have studied how effective simple cleaning techniques may be.

Queensland councils have welcomed the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan, despite concerns from environmentalists.

The Federal Government has released new methods for public consultation ahead of the first Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction.

New research suggests the biodegradable claims on some plastic containers may not be all they appear.

Labor’s NSW leader Luke Foley has pledged to reverse his own party’s policy, to protect water supplies and agriculture.

Conservation groups say there are some good points to the new Great Barrier Reef plan, but it ignores the greatest risk of all.

Authorities have been pushed to new measures in the fight against blue-green algae in South Australia.

A beautiful, ingenious and miniscule Australian native has been caught on camera, but researchers believe it may be the first and last time.

New laws will remove the responsibility to report food-related deaths and disease outbreaks for some parties.

In an attempt to reduce the smog that envelops China’s major cities, authorities have produced a hydrogen-powered tram.

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