New research has shown that on a per-calorie basis, the carbon emissions from the production of fruit and vegetables can be much higher than for meat.

Australian researchers have revealed the distinctly heavy metal way that some bees approach pollination.

The head of a major European coal lobby says the industry will be “hated and vilified” like “slave-traders” after the Paris climate deal.

The ocean off Western Australia will become an even bigger hive of mining activity next year.

A new Federal Government initiative will bring some high-tech tools to one of the world’s oldest activities.

A new study has shown the mental health strain that climate change can bring for Australian workers.

Australian energy firms Natural Solar and Origin will be the first to install Tesla Energy’s Powerwall in the local market.

The Federal Government signed an international climate change deal in Paris on Saturday night, which seeks to limit the future increase in global temperatures to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.

Researchers have unveiled a pair of high-tech socks that turn urine into power.

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has given the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) a mandate that allows it to invest in wind projects.

A new round of inquiry has slammed various aspects of Victoria’s Hazelwood mine, which caught fire and burned for 45 days last year.

A bush hearing next week is set to settle a native title claim lodged two decades ago.

A parliamentary inquiry in Victoria has recommended that the state’s ban on coal seam gas (CSG) extraction should continue, but cannot decide how long it should last.

Beijing has issued its first-ever red alert for pollution, with a new blanket of choking smog about to descend on the city.

With Paris climate talks stymied in indecision and ideological conflict, one researcher says appealing to a higher power might be the key.

Researchers in the US have discovered a new material for making biofuel, which had previously been discarded as part of the process.

German engineers are about to take the next step toward what could be the future of energy systems.

A group of US scientists and activists want the next level of gene-editing techniques banned.

The insurance industry has welcomed the Federal Government’s renewed focus on natural disaster preparedness and mitigation.

A worldwide survey has provided some surprising findings about the religion of scientists.

There are more hearings on this week in South Australia’s nuclear fuel cycle royal commission.

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