Measures to limit global warming could put the world on track to build trillions of dollars worth of uneconomic fossil fuel projects, new analysis says.

A new high-tech virtual classroom will soon help Australia's universities create “greener” engineers of the future.

Experts are urging China to curb its use of antibiotics in animals to avoid a ‘major health catastrophe’ for humans.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority appears to have bungled part of its investigation into water pollution on the Central Coast, by conducting water quality tests on the wrong river.

Australian experts have discovered that the ocean lights up with secret forms of communication between marine animals, and they might have applications in satellite remote sensing, biomedical imaging, cancer detection and computer data storage.

“Smart” drum lines that tell authorities when a shark is hooked are among the high-tech innovations behind rolled out on NSW beaches.

In the lead up to UN climate talks in Paris, a new report warns that Australia will barely come close to achieving any “real” emissions reductions under its current Direct Action climate policy.

Australian marine experts are working on new ways to monitor whales non-invasively, sending airborne drones to have a look.

The Northern Territory Government has moved to include the mining, oil and gas sectors under the regulations of the Water Act.

An international research project says the introduction of agriculture may have changed the DNA of ancient humans.

Toxic sludge from Samarco’s burst dam in Brazil has reached the Atlantic Ocean, in what could be the worst environmental disaster the country has seen.

A new study says the uptake of high-capacity renewable energy storage for homes will increase significantly next year.

The OECD nations have decided to limit coal plant financing.

Environmentalists are pushing for the Federal Court to uphold its energy regulator's decision against a penalty tariff on South Australian households with rooftop solar.

The Victorian Government is withdrawing funding for new coal-powered generators and will review past development projects, after attempts to attract investment with a demonstration power plant failed.

The Mayor of Gloucester has called on the NSW Government to buy back AGL’s coal seam gas (CSG) licence for the area, saying he cannot ignore the negative impact on residents.

Brazilian mining company Samarco has agreed to a $366 million damage bill after its tailings dam burst, spreading toxic waste over hundreds of kilometres, killing 10 people, and flattening entire villages.

Tasmanian experts are back from an Arctic research project where they used a variety of robots to map sea ice.

As populations grow and the planet dries, the need for safe, potable water will only continue to expand.

NASA scientists have discovered that Pluto is still geologically-active – a finding that has shocked many of those involved in the New Horizons mission.

Progress has been made on a $1.7 billion development in western Queensland, which proponents says will see 300 to 400 natural gas wells created, along with 1600 production jobs.

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