Evidence is beginning to show a clear link between diet quality, nutritional deficiencies and mental health.

New research suggests ravens might be haters.

The discovery of potentially toxic chemicals has brought the Gloucester coal seam gas (CSG) project to a halt.

Supercomputers have been brought in to identify how plants survive a changing climate.

Australian researchers are going on a voyage to look at top predators in the Antarctic.

Australia’s top national science agencies say looming climate change will hit the nation hard, and the chance to do anything about it is slipping away.

A government report has flung a scathing condemnation at Australia’s building industry energy performance.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US president Barack Obama have reached an agreement to move ahead on a civilian nuclear power agreement.

A senate inquiry has been launched to find why so many are hit with high costs and hidden fees after switching to solar power.

Nature has long held the engineering secrets to power the future, and researchers are now looking to pinch another one – the power of self-assembly.

Executives from the nuclear power company at the centre of the 2011 Fukushima disaster won’t face charges.

The Australian Government wants to back out of a scheme it previously supported, by removing protections on five local shark species.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has been criticised for missing a key factor in tests for dangerous chemicals around CSG sites.

Funding is open for projects to help reduce destructive runoff from farms to the Great Barrier Reef.

A new research project will plot the effects of climate change on a very rare local aquatic creature.

A Melbourne school has won a global award for its broad range of renewable energy measures.

A study in which 6 people reported their own observations of wind turbine effects is being used as an argument against the wind energy industry.

A suitably sci-fi looking device can turn plastic into edible mushrooms.

A new study has shown once again that hand dryers propagate and disseminate germs and bacteria at a far greater rate than the humble paper towel.

Australian researchers have developed a new liquid crystal material that will get better performance out of printable organic solar cells.

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt says he will not compromise Tasmania's world heritage value, despite backing development in key forest areas.

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