A simple oral vaccine has managed to completely block the monkey equivalent of HIV, and human trials are on the way

The 2014 outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has been traced to a single infection that started a chain of human-human transmission, and experts say it will not stop soon.

An architecture and design firm has put out plans for massive development in Australia's north, in a town where crocodiles outnumber humans 1,000 to one.

The independent review of the Renewable Energy Target has been released, proposing a number of suggestions to reduce the cost of the scheme and its impact on the energy market.

Researchers have found over 4,000 new species an Antarctic lake 800 metres beneath the icy surface.

One of the key architects of Australian water law says clear environmental efforts are being muddied.

The worldwide practice of burning garbage creates more pollutants that many presumed.

Feedback is open for those wanting to make submissions on upcoming Murray–Darling watering strategy reforms.

An Australian study has shed new light on the relationship between Neanderthals and modern humans, suggesting they lived side-by-side for thousands of years.

The robots are coming – and they want our rainforests.

The NSW Opposition says documents revealing harmful spills of pollutants should be publicly available.

One of Australia’s youngest scientific laser-wranglers has received a $25,000 boost to her high-tech water filter work.

One of the world’s leading authorities in experimental immunology says Australian parents must think rationally about vaccination.

An Australian university-run project has seen teams of young engineers design and build houses for rural Cambodian communities.

Indian mining firm Adani is looking to hire 5,000 workers for the Carmichael coal project in Queensland.

Concern is churning-up as a Canadian company prepares to launch a new mining project on the sea floor near Papua New Guinea.

The Australian Federal Government’s skittishness about renewable energy systems has forced one solar power giant to look elsewhere.

As major car-makers Toyota, Hyundai and Honda prepare to release vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, a new device could help the spread of advanced transport.

South Australian independent Senator Nick Xenophon is plugging a range of changes to the Abbott government’s direct action policy, which researchers say may actually help it meet its emissions reduction target.

The Bureau of Meteorology's mobile website has been recognised for its useful and simple design at this year's Australian Mobile and App Design Awards.

One New South Wales council has clearly stated its opposition to dangerous gas mining.

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