‘Platooning’ trucks could be tested on Australian roads, with a national body indicating it is interested in the benefits of partly-automated transport.

The end of the financial year this week has seen the closure of a number of Co-operative Research Centres, bringing an end to important projects such as the Future Farm Industry CRC in WA.

Twenty-five Coalition lower house MPs have signed a petition asking for the aluminium smelting industry to be exempt from the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

Entrants in the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe have shown what the energy-conscious house of the future may include.

An international research project has shown how important basic nutrition is, with authorities adding new links between poor diets and a list of chronic diseases.

Staff rallies will continue as CSIRO fights to preserve its ranks.

A NSW Legislative Assembly will look into accusations that the state’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) covered up the extent of coal dust pollution.

A giant robotic “ladybird” has been awarded for its contribution to the future of farming.

Fish have the same emotional and mental capabilities as other vertebrates, yet they do not get anywhere near the same regard from most humans.

The Global Environment Facility may provide funding for one of the Pacific Ocean’s most valued inhabitants.

A United Nations hearing took just minutes to reject the Australian Federal Government’s attempt to delist 74,000 hectares of Tasmanian forest for logging.

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says the NSW government should share gas royalties with landowners, but that he would die before creating a domestic reservation.

The mining industry is hugely responsible for economic prosperity in Australia, but a new report says there is a big cost when states choose to dig.

Showing the extreme mining-friendliness of the Queensland Government, a law has been changed to prevent investigation of a controversial quarrying practice.

If engineers just concentrate, they may be able to replace most of our power networks with solar technologies.

Three-hundred-and-thirty-seven people have died as the ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to worsen.

The Indian Health Ministry will provide 50 essential generic medicines, free of cost, from “birth to death” to all Indians, following an incredible social healthcare announcement.

At a recent industry conference, a prominent environmental consultant said Australia and the world need to embrace nuclear power.

The Federal Government will bring a bill to parliament in coming weeks which seeks to give ASIO more abilities to monitor and control digital communication.

New research suggests the sun may be physically addictive.

While they are well-received by the mainstream population, flowers have been bugging evolutionary biologists since Darwin, but a new study may soon end the mystery.

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