Though it may not be enough to stop the tide of unemployment rising in Australia’s automotive-manufacturing sector, one expert has a suggestion for way energy efficiency can boost local industries.

Nine new permits have been awarded for offshore oil exploration around Australia.

Investment fund Hunter Hall is ending its relationships with fossil fuel companies.

While plenty of other creatures are intelligent – humans seem to have unique skills when it comes to brain power.

A South Australian mayor is facing three charges of illegal land clearing, after he knocked down a large tract to lease for farming.

Some workers in small, targeted Federal Government agencies say scrapping the programs will save a few dollars now, but cost much more later on.

A major environmental group has joined with the water industry in urging Queenslanders to put down the plastic bottle and turn on a tap.

A huge flood began in Victoria this week but luckily, it was intentional.

When trying to change long-held ideas about the world, language is everything.

One tiny island nation in the Pacific is having its lack of clean water addressed by the life-saving work of an independent Australian aid group.

Millions of dollars has been moved from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to pay for the home insulation inquiry.

Despite efforts to avoid it, millions of dollars in budget cuts will force CSIRO to close down several sites for world-leading research.

Australian researchers are contributing to an incredible scientific effort – creating the world’s first-ever synthetic complex organism.

Researchers have released ground-breaking findings to dismiss a common theory of biodiversity, and could change the way some environments are managed.

A new study of the way bacteria spread amongst possums could shed light on human epidemics.

The operators of a large CSG exploration project are getting around to shutting down their leaking storage pond, after being fined several months ago.

A massive gas project in Papua New Guinea has sent its first shipment to Japan, marking the start of returns on the $20.5 billion LNG endeavour.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke says Australia should once again consider becoming a storage ground for the world’s nuclear waste.

A grassroots group supporting Australian workers and industries has unveiled new products to keep energy costs down for small operations.

Environmental group Friends of The Earth is pushing for a ban on food products containing nanomaterials.

The world’s polluted atmosphere means plants are becoming less nutritious, and risk losing some key ingredients altogether.

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