Federal and state governments have not begun to deliver a promised $280 million concessional loan program for farmers.

Energy labs in the US have reported a new material for generating hydrogen fuel, cutting the time and cost of the next-generation power supply.

New research adds to the weight of known risks from BPA, the controversial compound used in many plastic food and drink containers.

Western Australia’s shark culling trial ends this week, but the state is trying to extend it for three more years.

A new report by an international aid group says Australian banks have been backing companies overseas that engage in illegal and immoral behaviour.

Environmentalists have launched another community-run survey about coal dust from trains, hoping to force companies to cover their wagons.

A team of chemical engineers is working on a way to reduce an entire water safety testing lab into a single pill.

Researchers are investigating whether coal seam gas (CSG) activity could be causing methane seeps in Queensland.

The coal industry’s digital weapon against environmentalists has launched to a flurry of online dislike, but some industry members say it is doing what it was meant to do.

A new innovation will add to the energy-saving potential of buildings, with the addition of technology to normally drab drapery.

The Federal Government has unveiled its white paper on the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), a main component of the Direct Action plan to combat climate change.

New Zealand is helping out its Pacific neighbours by supporting the construction of the region’s largest solar panel array.

Australian engineers have come up with a new way of making lenses, which could turn any smart phone into a microscope.

Mounting opposition means work will stop at the fourth nuclear power plant on Taiwan.

West Australian builders are looking at a new project which could cut the death toll from shark attacks near beaches.

A company in Europe is moving closer to its goal of creating a solar-powered plane that can fly indefinitely.

Close to half of all senior executives worldwide understand that the negative effects of climate change need to be tackled.

Australia will buy dozens of fighter jets at a cost of more than $12 billion, despite a raft of concerns about their design and abilities.

Anti-gas protestors have been allowed temporary camping privileges at the site of their stand-off with Metgasco drills in New South Wales, but the local council says their time is up.

The United Nations refugee agency says it continues to get no response from the Australian government for its questions over the asylum seeker ‘turn back’ policy.

As humanity grows further and further from its connections to nature, a recent talk says getting back to our roots could provide a healthy boost.

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