An award has been given to a group for a brilliant invention which can improve several stages of the mining process.

There has been both welcoming and rejection of Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s ‘water trigger’ for the approval of large coal mining and coal seam gas projects.

A Brazilian company has launched the world’s first environmentally friendly hard hat – protecting heads from harm and the earth from humans.

A report has quantified the benefits of environmentally-minded building, with data showing the City of Sydney has saved millions with its Better Buildings Partnership.

Improved health, a more active mind and free energy – it is hard to imagine a better combination of benefits from a single device.

Reports today say as many as six of the senior members of the Greens’ party have quit, but leader Christine Milne says it is not a sign of instability.

Researchers at a German institute have claimed a new record for the highest efficiency ever achieved in a solar panel.

One council has taken on the challenge of ridding itself of strangulation by plastic shopping bags.

A class action continues in the Victorian Supreme Court, where a group of 88 members of the abalone farming industry are suing the State Government.

Researchers say the loss of some species has interrupted the vital role of small digging critters in keeping the ecosystem turning over.

Russia is moving ahead with piracy charges against Greenpeace activists who boarded an oil platform in the Arctic, with two Australians set to face trial.

A dry lake bed in outback New South Wales has seen a dramatic turn-around this year.

A massive 3-D survey of the Great Barrier Reef last year continues to have benefits for the endangered natural wonder, and will now be expanded to other reefs.

Preliminary drilling will begin on the possible sites of eight new coal seam gas wells in New South Wales, with a water treatment plant to deal with the damage not yet completed.

New homes could have their power and hot water provided by a single device, now approved for use.

A senior figure in Australian resources and finance has said that the country could play a big role in the world’s nuclear future, if it does not mind holding the radioactive bag.

The new federal Environment Minister has begun tackling the ‘green tape’ he sees as strangling progress – hunting up 50 gas and energy projects left in limbo.

A recent study has found South Australia is reaching an ideal mix of cleaner, greener and cheaper energy sources, with residents paying $88 per year less for electricity now than in 2009.

Australian engineers are bringing back the steam engine, revamped as a cheap storage medium for solar power.

A new report says millions of litres of water are at risk from proposed coal mines in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

Residents of a small town in Victoria have travelled to the United States to tell global food giant McDonald’s where they can stick their reconstituted ‘chicken’ nuggets.

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