Australia punches well above its weight in terms of research outcomes, a habit highlighted by the release of the Ten of the Best Research Projects 2013 report.

Schemes encouraging regional social cohesion and providing indigenous legal aid have been cut to save funds, as the Federal Government grapples with a worsening budgetary situation.

New Zealand’s kiwi bird may join a list which includes pavlova, Weetbix, Crowded House and Russell Crowe – all things Australia liked so much it pinched them from its neighbour.

This week’s Federal Government Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) indicates changes on the way for several agricultural schemes and funds but not a lot of detail on what, if anything, will replace them.

Australia’s ecology is littered with tricksters, shysters and con-artists; according to a new report.

Scientists and environmental authorities are standing against plans to allow cattle grazing in Victoria’s High Country.

Farmers and residents on the banks of the Goulburn River have complained that environmental flows released under the Murray Darling Basin Plan may be damaging its banks.

Hundreds have gathered to add their names to a list of thousands in a planned class action suit against the Queensland Government.

The New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority has to move away from industry-favouring and do more regulating if it is to gain more public trust, a recent survey found.

A new weapon has been added to the citizen scientist’s arsenal, with the launch of a tool that allows anyone to find black holes in deep space from the comfort of an armchair.

Typically associated with arid, dry desert conditions, Western Australia’s Pilbara region is actually home to a unique set of aquatic life – the topic of a new study by Murdoch University.

Researchers are working on a way to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using some special nanoparticles and light.

An engineering firm in New South Wales is testing its new dust-suppressing dump truck, which is aimed at reducing the amount of harmful and valuable material flying loose from the back of loads.

Recent investigations have shown the incredible potential of an extremely common material, suggesting simple cellulose may have a strong future.

Global shifts are underway which could lead foreign investors to pull up stumps from Australia, stranding a number of projects and leading to the possibility of “mothballed or abandoned” local coal mines.

The federal government of the United States will triple its use of renewable energy by 2020 on a presidential mandate.

A resplendent green phoenix is rising from the ashes of a Tasmanian primary school.

The Council region within which a contentious port expansion has been approved is looking to ensure it can be used for something other than coal.

One council has become the first in Tasmania to implement the Local Government Peak Oil Action Plan, which seeks to help fight the ever-increasing cost of fuel.

Dredging has been approved that many believe will condemn the Great Barrier Reef to silty strangulation.

Six hundred gigalitres of water from the River Murray system, the Goulburn and Murrumbidgee Rivers will be pushed where it is needed most, according to Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, Senator Simon Birmingham.

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