Researchers with Deakin University’s Institute for Technology Research and Innovation, together with industry partner VR Tek Global, have developed a new low cost and environmentally friendly method for recycling old tyres into high quality ingredients for the manufacture of new rubber products.

“What we have developed is a significant breakthrough in tyre recycling that is superior to the current practices of shredding and burying tyres in landfill, burning tyres or recycling them into low quality materials of limited use,” explained Deakin research engineer Chris Skourtis.

“Our process does not rely on chemicals and uses less power—making it more environmentally friendly. It also results in high quality ingredients that can replace virgin and synthetic rubbers in the manufacture of products such as new tyres, car parts, insulation materials, conveyor belts and ashphalt additive for roads.”

Renewable energy specialist Infigen has announced it will seek community feedback on the feasibility of a planned wind-farm co-operative (co-op) as part of its proposed Flyers Creek Wind Farm near Orange, New South Wales.

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