Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has been called on to evaluate the water impacts of the Beetaloo Basin fracking project in the Northern Territory. 

The NT Government recently approved Tamboran Resources' Shenandoah South pilot project, enabling the construction of up to four exploration sites and the drilling of up to 15 natural gas wells.

The Territory government previously announced a deal with Tamboran to purchase gas from this project. 

NT Chief Minister Eva Lawler has described the environmental approval as a “critical step” to ensure natural gas flows while maintaining “strong safeguards”.

Politicians and environmentalists want Plibersek to invoke the federal “water trigger” for a national assessment. 

This trigger, expanded last year, requires unconventional gas projects be reviewed for their effects on water resources. 

The NT Environment Protection Authority decided Tamboran's activities did not require a full environmental impact assessment at the territory level. 

Plibersek says all projects must adhere to national environmental law, including the expanded water trigger, and that any breaches would be dealt with seriously.

Environment Centre NT and traditional owners are among those calling for the water trigger to be used to properly scrutinise the project. 

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