The Tasmanian Government has tabled legislation before parliament aimed at ending the ongoing conflict over the state’s forestry sector while securing a future for the forest industry.


State Minister for Energy and Resources,  Bryan Green, said the Government was providing a policy framework designed to implement the Tasmanian Forest agreement.


"This legislation makes it clear to Tasmanians how an agreement will be implemented as we work towards a solution to the decades long conflict over forestry," Mr Green said.


Mr Green said the Legislation provides a balanced process for the establishment of forest reserves with the provision of secure wood supply for industry.


"What is crucial now is that the Reference Group of Signatories reaches agreement."


"The Legislation is intended to create a broad framework that will support the Signatories to reach innovative negotiated outcomes.


"It is my intent that subject to Cabinet approval I will bring any amendments to this Bill that are necessary to implement relevant aspects of any Signatories agreement.


"The Legislation establishes a transparent process to allow an agreement to be publicly debated and enacted by the Parliament.”


Mr Green said the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Bill 2012 honoured the Government's commitment to introduce legislation under the $276 million Intergovernmental Agreement.


"It takes Tasmania closer to significant conservation outcomes that are supported by industry on the basis of continuing access to wood supply.


"This will release the remaining $100 million of Australian Government funding for economic development that is dependent on reserve creation under the Intergovernmental Agreement.