The South Australian Government has released draft legislation that will see all mining activity banned from the Arkaroola area.


Premier Mike Rann introduced the legislation before State Parliament while also moving to commence the formal process of applying for National and World heritage listing for the aream.


Mr Rann, joined by State Minister for Environment and Conservation Paul Caica, said the government would introduce special purpose legislation to protect the cultural, natural and landscape values of Arakoola in perpetuity.


“Arkaroola is one of the most spectacular areas in the world. It features unique biodiversity and has an abundance of national and state conservation rated species, and it is also a significant place for the Adnyamathanha People whose connections with this land remain strong,’’ Mr Rann said.

“Arkaroola is defined by towering granite peaks, razor back ridges, and deep gorges, encompassing ancient sea beds which hold fossils that are up to 650 million years old. It is also home to more than 160 species of birds, and the rare Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby.


Mr Rann said the decision to introduce the legislation came after extensive public consultation which showed ‘overwhelming support’ to protect the Arkaroola area.


The Arakoola Protection Bill 2011 will ensure the Arkaroola Protection Area will meet international and national standards for what is defined as a ‘protected area’.