The Queensland Government has introduced a Bill before State Parliament that will attempt to streamline the regulatory process for environmental approvals


The Environmental Protection (Greentape Reduction) and Other Legislation Bill provides for four broad initiatives aimed at reducing ‘greentape’. These are:

  • Developing a licensing model that is proportionate to the risk of the activity. Through extensive consultation and review, it has become apparent that the current system regulates lower risk activities to the same extent as those with a high environmental risk. This unnecessarily increases costs and effort, and does not focus on the environmental outcomes of the activity.
  • Providing flexible operational approvals for environmentally relevant activities (ERAs). The current system is inconsistent with the needs of modern business. The flexible operational approvals initiative provides a framework which allows for multiple sites, multiple activities and complex and varying ownership structures.
  • Streamlining the process for resources approvals will significantly reduce the complexity of the current approvals system. A simpler approvals system will reduce time delays and education and training costs for both business and government.
  • Improving the quality of information provided to both business and government to save time and money for both parties. The proposal will ensure only information that is necessary and relevant to making the decision will be required.

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