The Queensland Government has introduced the Biosecurity Bill 2011 before State Parliament that will see the seven separate Acts that govern biosecurity in Queensland brought under the single Bill.


“This bill will provide for a flexible and responsive biosecurity framework—a framework to preventor minimise the adverse effects of exotic or endemic pests and diseases and contaminants on theeconomy, human health, social amenity and the environment,” Minister for Agriculture, Food and Regional Economies Tim Mulherin announced to parliament.


“Pests, diseases and contaminants threaten not only our agricultural industries, which contributeabout $14.7 billion per year to our economy, but also human health and our environment.”


Mr Mulherin said traditional legislation has been chiefly limited to directing obligations towards government and primary producers, whereas the new Bill offers a more locally proactive approach. 

“Under the proposed legislation, people will be required to actively identify and mitigate risks associated with pests, diseases and contaminants,” Mr Mulherin said.


The Biosecurity Bill is a key initiative under the Queensland Biosecurity Strategy 2009–14. 


More information on the Bill can be found here