Mining companies and other major industrial players are getting into marine science.

Some of Australia’s most influential government, industry, science and community members are joining forces to launch a new strategy for sustainable economic development and environmental protection through marine science projects.

Woodside Energy COO Mike Utsler, Environmental Protection Authority Chair Dr Tom Hatton, Austral Fisheries CEO David Carter and Premier’s Fellow Marine Science, Professor Shaun Collin from The University of Western Australia are among the 18-member Premier’s Roundtable behind the Blueprint for Marine Science Implementation Strategy 2016-18.

The strategy seeks to guide collaboration between various sectors to ensure sustainable development of the marine environment off Western Australia.

The strategy outlines dozens of activities to deal with key issues like decommissioning, marine noise, environmental baselines, productivity and efficient regulation.

“Those processes associated with environmental licensing, regulation compliance and monitoring are frustrated and sometimes critically limited by the availability of information that slows down wise development in the State, and sometimes it means it can't go ahead,” EPA Chair Dr Tom Hatton said.

“We each collect data and the imperative for us as an industry is how to combine that data to create the single source of information that becomes a knowledge base that all of us would accept and could use,” Woodside Energy COO Mike Utsler said.

“We have to understand that if we are going to feed nine billion people by 2050 that there are going to be some choices and tradeoffs to make and this journey is around getting the science right for that but also communicating with those communities that are going to be impacted,” Austral Fisheries CEO David Carter said.

The Blueprint Strategy is accessible here