The Federal Government has proposed the establishment of the world’s largest marine protected area in the waters of the Coral Sea that are encompassed by the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone.


Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke said that the Coral Sea is recognised as a marine area of global significance for its unique biodiversity.


The proposed Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve covers approximately 989 842 square kilometres - an area of ocean more than half the size of Queensland.


The western side of the reserve has taken into account recreational and charter fishing as a use.


"Australia's vast oceans provide a source of food and resources, and are a place of recreation. But we cannot afford to be complacent," Mr Burke said.


"In the space of one lifetime, the world's oceans have gone from being relatively pristine to being under increasing pressure.


The proposed Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve is remote. The nearest point is more than 60 kilometres from the coast and it extends out to 1100 kilometres from the mainland.