Farmers are outraged that the banking royal commission has set aside juts a few days to deal with issues in agricultural finance.

National Farmer's Federation president Fiona Simson said having less than five days dedicated to the issue is “unacceptable”.

“There's not enough time being allocated to hear some of these stories and to make sure that people have the opportunity to talk to the royal commission,” she said.

“As a community, we would expect that enough time be allocated and if it's not been allocated — and clearly we need more — then that's what the royal commission must do.”

The concerns of farming communities about bank behaviour (like the forced sales of farms) was a major wedge that pushed members of the National Party to back calls for a royal commission.

When the next hearings begin on June 25, fewer than five days will be used to investigate farming finance.

Part of the first day of each new hearing is taken up by hearing detailed responses from organisations questioned in the previous hearing.

More time is then dedicated to reading out “homework” from institutions whose representatives will appear in the witness box.

An unspecified period of the next fortnight’s hearings will be shared with investigations of natural disaster insurance.