An electric car has completed an 800-day journey from Holland to Australia.

Wiebe Wakker has arrived in Darwin after a global trip from The Netherlands that began in 2016.

“There are a lot of prejudices about electric cars, they think they're not reliable or that you cannot go for long distances,” he told reporters.

“If I can prove that I can drive from Holland to the other side of the world, then why should we not be able to take it to the shops or to the bottle-o?”

Mr Wakker’s car, ‘The Blue Bandit’, has an operational distance of about 200 kilometres.

Mr Wakker said the range was not a problem in countries like Russia, Iran, Borneo and Indonesia, but Australia's vast outback presents a new challenge.

“Sometimes I need to do a small distance first, like go for 50 kilometres, charge the car there and then I can make the next 200 kilometres to the next town,” he said.

“I know there are some distances which are bigger than that but there's nothing there so I know there are a lot of Tesla owners in this country so I hope I get maybe towed by someone.”

Mr Wakker's journey has been entirely crowdfunded.

“I expected it would be difficult, but in general I've found it quite easy, actually,” he said.

“I got a lot of offers from everywhere around the world, I have 1,500 people who said; ‘Yeah you can come here to charge your car or to eat with us’, from 45 different countries on almost every continent around the world.

“I was really overwhelmed by how enthusiastic people reacted to this idea.”

Mr Wakker is hoping to make his final stop in Sydney.