The Queensland Government has released the environmental impact statement  (EIS) for the $6.6 billion Kevin's Corner coal mine project for public comment.


Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for State Development Andrew Fraser said the  project proposed by Hancock Galilee Pty Ltd would  generate long term job opportunities in the region.


“The development of the Galilee Basin as a major centre for coal mining, processing and export, is important to the future economic prosperity of Queensland,” Mr Fraser said.


The project is expected to generate 2,500 jobs for the construction phase, with around another 1,500 jobs for the lifetime of the project.


Coordinator-General Keith Davies said the scale, potential effects and complexity of approvals for the project required a rigorous EIS to consider the potential environmental, cultural and socio-economic impacts on the local community.


“The release of an EIS recognises the complexity of a project—the substantial benefits it may bring and the need to carefully assess its environmental impacts and how they could be mitigated if the project was approved to proceed,” Mr Davies said.


The EIS is available to view online at the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation’s website at 


Public submissions must be in writing and received by the Coordinator-General by 5pm on 12 December 2011.