First listed on: 04 July 2019

National Manager, Flood Forecasting and Related Services


Manage essential flood forecasting services 
Leadership position
$133,262 - $142,269 per annum

The Bureau is seeking a passionate, talented and results orientated leader for the position of National Manager Flood Forecasting Services.

This position is responsible for setting the overall Flood Forecasting Services strategy and managing the team responsible for providing flood forecasting and warning services nationally. 

Responsibilities include the development of policies and procedures to ensure services closely match the requirements of the major client groups.

The position requires close collaboration with the Bureau’s Extended Hydrological Prediction Section and other Bureau warning and disaster mitigating services, as well as agencies involved in flood risk management across Australia and internationally.

The National Manager Flood Forecasting Services will lead change of internal operating arrangements consistent with the Bureau's Public Services Transformation program.

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