First listed on: 08 November 2022

Water Resource Science and the Regional Hydrogeology group have several immediate hydrogeology opportunities ranging from Hydrogeologist to Senior Hydrogeologist (Specified Calling Levels 1 to 3). We are looking for hydrogeologists who will:

  • deliver scientific investigations and advice which can directly inform the management of water and / or other natural resources.
  • work constructively as a member of a team, building productive relationships across the department and externally with consultants and academia for example.

Show demonstrated experience in one or more of the following:

  • hydrogeological conceptualisation and the development / refinement of conceptual models. This work will range from early assessments of greenfields areas to refining our understanding of Western Australia’s most heavily utilised aquifer systems.
  • developing and executing hydrogeological field programs across the state, including large scale drilling programs, groundwater sampling, and geophysical surveys.
  • numerical modelling using a variety of graphical user interface (GUI) and non-GUI methods. Communication of complex model results into intuitive asset management tools.
  • assessing environmental approvals, licence applications and industry performance, working in regional teams across the State.

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