Young people say climate inaction is putting their lives at risk.

A major beef processor has taken court action against the Australian Defence Force (ADF) over PFAS contamination.

South Australia has passed legislation for the first single-use plastics ban in Australia.

A Queensland council has used almost 6,000 old tyres to make safer and smoother local roads.

A giant Australian telescope has found no signs of alien technology in a search of 10 million star systems.

Reports say money for a Queensland dam project has been funnelled to LNP-linked firms.

A new study warns of mining threats to biodiversity caused by renewable energy production ...

Local nuclear scientists say a new approach can improve monitoring of contaminants in groundwater.

Past behaviour suggests Australia will experience up to 35 per cent more El Niños, according to new projections.

The scaffolds that help hold together the world’s tropical reefs are at risk from acidification.

A coalition of 14 global universities has secured US$12.5 million to better understand ecosystem and climate interactions.

Experts have spelled out ways to save Australia’s vital water systems.

Local researchers say their new type of thermal storage material could see coal-fired power stations run entirely fossil-fuel free.

The Water Minister says buybacks from farmers are over, while investigations show the Murray-Darling system is missing vast amounts of water.

More than 3,000 social housing tenants will soon join in Australia’s largest virtual power plant (VPP).

A new report finds Queensland’s gas and coal-fired power stations have the most outages in the country.

Conservationists are calling for a ‘coal elimination treaty’.

The Federal Government has gagged debate and rushed through its weakening of the important EPBC act.

The world's largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia is now even bigger.

Gladys Berejiklian says net zero emissions by 2050 is an achievable dream.

Ocean acidification is giving corals ‘osteoporosis’.

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