A new report says the technology to reach negative emissions by the 2040s is already available.

Five former executives will stand trial over a failed coal gasification plant.

A new report draws a direct link between climate conditions in Australia and recent bushfires.

Some producers are angry at the WA Government's new legislation to crack down on farm trespassers.

Experts say Australia should ‘bank water’ by using aquifers as giant underground storage tanks.

New research suggests a particular kind of bird can judge statistical odds.

Mining billionaire Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest is making a multimillion-dollar investment push into aquaculture.

Air pollution appears to shorten people's lives more that wars, malaria, HIV/AIDS and smoking.

Experts say Australia has just a small window of opportunity to avoid hitting the panic button over COVID-19.

Flood waters are bringing the first major test of the northern projects of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan since it was struck in 2012.

The Federal Government has been warned that emissions from one fracking scheme in the Northern Territory could threaten its Paris targets.

A mystery illness is killing Ethiopian villagers near a Chinese oil project in the country’s east.

The Tasmanian Government is spending $50 million to develop a hydrogen energy industry in the state.

The Energy Minister has suggested research programs into wind and solar could be dumped.

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