Research suggests baby fish will find it increasingly difficult to reach secure shelters in future oceans.

The Federal Government is considering allowing energy companies to buy offsets to comply with the 26 per cent emissions reduction target under the NEG.

Australian company Pental has been fined $700,000 for claiming its toilet and bathroom cleaning wipes are ‘flushable’.

Free blood tests are being offered after the discovery of potentially toxic PFAS chemicals in drinking water in northern Australia.

A pilot 'clean energy' project in Victoria will use brown coal to make hydrogen.

Australia is joining a global initiative tracking progress on health and climate change.

New Zealand says it will stop issuing permits for offshore oil and gas exploration.

Nuclear waste from Australia's only reactor will soon be exported for reprocessing and then re-imported.

Western Australia is getting a new rural fire service, funded by a levy hike.

A whistleblower has slammed Victoria's hunting regulator.

A community group is running a mock container recycling scheme across Victoria.

Research suggests the biological warfare being waged on carp will not cross over into humans.

The former chair of the USA’s largest chemical company has donated $13.5 million to ...

Australian scientists have confirmed two of the world’s major pest species have merged ...

The devastating white spot prawn disease may have taken hold in the wild.

Conservationists say that with ship traffic set to skyrocket, measures must be taken to protect sensitive coastal areas.

Aboriginal groups want their hunting rights protected in NT’s new animal welfare bill.

Gas company Linc Energy has been found guilty of causing serious environmental harm.

A new AEMO report says SA’s giant lithium battery outperformed coal and gas generators on key measures last summer.

BP once proposed that an oil spill in the Great Australian Bight would provide a “welcomed boost” to local economies.

A new report says an Australian biofuel industry could create thousands of direct jobs and generate billions in revenue each year.

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