Experts have checked the possible effects of one method of carbon sequestration – injecting CO2 into aquifers.

Mayors and councillors gathered this week to share their knowledge and progress on sustainable development around the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientists are testing a drone that drops beneficial insects onto crops.

Researchers have created an exciting artificial photosynthesis system, which captures carbon dioxide and uses solar energy to convert it into plastic products and fuel.

While some support expanding the GST to cover fresh food, research shows lower prices may be more necessary.

Documents from the United Nations show the Australian Government is facing serious international pressure over its environment policies.

Bio-engineers have grown cardiac tissue on a bed of genetically-engineered spiderweb.

The state governments of Queensland, NSW and Victoria have joined forces for medicinal cannabis clinical trials.

The Abbott government has given $4 million to the University of Western Australia so that renewable energy investment sceptic Bjørn Lomborg can spread his message.

Queensland councils say the Federal Government is abandoning them by withdrawing much of the funding support for towns hit by cyclones and other natural disasters.

Astronomers have detected complex organic molecules - the building blocks of life - orbiting in a disc around a young star.

Official figures show the renewable energy sector has lost almost 2,500 jobs in the last two years.

The owner of the Ranger uranium mine says money for clean-up and rehabilitation will not be spent unless a second mine is approved.

An International Whaling Commission panel has rejected Japan's latest whaling proposal.

About three-quarters of the water needed for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is now in government hands.

The Federal Government is funding research into new ways to develop Australia’s unconventional gas resources, including coal seam gas, shale gas and tight gas.

Water Corporation in Western Australia will shed hundreds of jobs, as it shifts its corporate direction.

Trendy Californians are happy to guzzle treated water, but local experts say it will need a re-branding before Australians are excited about recycled supplies.

Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart says Australia could start to look a lot like Greece, unless major changes are made.

Toro Energy has made a thinly-veiled swipe at the Queensland government’s decision to ban uranium mining.

Federal Government's first Direct Action auction is on this week, but analysts say the scheme simply will not work.

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