A new report has named Australia’s top 10 polluters, and unsurprisingly, they do not appear to like renewable energy.

Costa Rica has filled 100 per cent of its 2015 energy demand with renewable sources.

The Federal Government is in fresh talks about the renewable energy target today, with just a week left before a deadline that forces emissions-intensive producers to pay fines.

The U.S. Department of Energy has funded a big breakthrough in the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plants.

A new book has gathered the most recent knowledge on Australia’s stunning and unique assemblage of flora and fauna.

Two Australian PhD students have reached the final round of an international competition thanks to their exciting project to cost-effectively produce biofuel from algae.

Endangered native hardyhead fish are making a run across borders in search of a better life.

Hunter Water is consulting with legal experts to find out if it can release the findings of an investigation into coal seam gas sewer contamination.

An international group of investigators have created a database of lake surface temperatures, to help study the ecological effects of climate change.

A station in the Northern Territory has taken a big step toward supporting local ecology and water supplies.

The Queensland Government is planning ban uranium mining once more.

Volvo Buses has signed an agreement with tech giant Siemens to supply electrified bus systems to cities.

Leaked government documents suggest workers for mining company Linc Energy were exposed to “uncontrolled releases” of gas in Queensland.

The mining industry is taking steps to reduce the hefty toll of carbon emissions from coal-fired power stations.

Hawaii is shooting for 100 per cent renewable energy by 2040.

There is strong speculation that the Federal Government will switch its stance against a big Chinese bank, in the hope of securing money for infrastructure.

Bill Shorten is working on compromises to maintain the Renewable Energy target today.

British scientists have discovered one way that the body keeps a lid on its DNA.

The Gold Coast City Council wants to protect its walls against mass urination.

The West Australian Government wants to crack down on “radical” protests, but has copped serious criticism already.

Fighting against growing risks to farmland, native forests and water supplies will be the focus of the vocal Lock the Gate Alliance ahead of the upcoming NSW election.

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