University of Southern Queensland (USQ) researchers have secured funding for new research into water and energy efficiency on Queensland farms.

At least eight major projects have been put on hold in recent weeks, due to uncertainty over the Renewable Energy Target.

The Minerals Resource Rent Tax (mining tax) will stay in place after the Federal Government rejected amendments put forward last week.

The young stars of tomorrow’s engineering world will face-off against each other in August.

The future could be defined by the rise of nanobots, hyperconductors, quantum networks and... eggplant?

A new Environment Protection Authority (EPA) report says Canberra's air quality is excellent, but the city’s love of wood smoke heaters continues to push up pollution.

Studies have shown why it is important that young people feel a connection to a school community, but at the same time Australian Government policies are keeping some out.

A South Australian council taskforce will soon begin investigations into the potential social and community impacts of local mining projects.

Hundreds of millions in savings are coming for local governments in Victoria, as a majority switch to LED street lights.

A conference this week discussed what can be done with Australia’s 50,000 disused mine sites.

New analysis has shown that many of Australia’s favourite seafoods are unsustainably managed, and should be avoided by consumers.

High-tech imaging has revealed new complexity in a Queensland fossil site once thought to be caused by a massive stampede.

Satellite analysis has shown that since 1979 sea-ice cover has shrunk around the Arctic, but grown in the Antarctic.

Australia’s biodiversity is a part of its national identity, and a new book from CSIRO details an incredible range of ways to keep it safe.

A simple yet powerful Australian water treatment technology will be brought to the global market.

Warner Brothers has dropped its campaign to bury a Greenpeace advertisement highlighting links between LEGO and Shell Oil.

A report from an anti-coal community environment group says mines in the Hunter Valley use too much water.

The operator of the UK’s electricity grid says environmental rules will force the closure of almost all its coal-fired power plants by 2023.

Everyday Australians are driving down demand for electricity at a fairly high rate, as rooftop solar and energy-efficient devices take hold. 

Some high-tech building projects could be a sign of the future of intelligent structural design.

The next version of the carbon tax repeal bill will include big fines for energy companies that do not pass savings on to customers.

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