Community members in Far North Queensland are waiting to see what fate will be bestowed on them by the Queensland Government, with the state’s Deputy Premier saying he will all but disregard environmental authorities in favour of regional development.

An award has been created to recognise Australia’s most conscientious business - in an effort to make the country a better place for everyone.

The energy of the future could come from the sewerage of today, with the development of a new type of battery which draws power from dissolved organic matter.

In the same week that international scientists publish clearer evidence of humanity’s influence on climate change, the Australian government is reducing its focus on pollution, the environment and science itself.

A groundwater monitoring group wants to take a real assay of bore water levels and pressure near coal seam gas operations – calling for 1000 landholders to take part.

A disturbing new claim says that humans are now inherently polluted. Findings have shown a myriad of man-made chemicals even in unborn babies.

Insiders are waiting to see whether changes will be made to a ban imposed by the former Environment Minister on trawling activities around Tasmania.

Environmental engineers have used a recent mining conference to highlight the benefits of bio-char; a material created by industrial manufacture but which can be used to mitigate its environmental effects

Things are coming together on the site of the new coal terminal near Gladstone.

A massive wind farm in Victoria has been awarded $70 million by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, in what may be the last such renewable energy pay-out for some time.

The Queensland Government is striding ahead with plans to open up the state’s significant uranium resources to any interested parties.

Court proceedings have begun today in Queensland’s Land Court, with several groups trying to stop the Alpha Coal Project in the state’s central west.

Houses of the future will certainly see some exciting new material components, but few would have expected mushrooms could be the building blocks of tomorrow.

The City of Melbourne has bagged a fairly prestigious award for its green thinking in urban design.

An astounding discovery has shown massive underground water supplies beneath a remote region of Kenya, normally plagued by drought.

There has been massive backlash to a decision announced recently by the new federal government, to dissolve the bank which has been set up to fund projects for Australia’s energy future.

Coal companies in Queensland are sticking to their single plan, looking to dredge more of the Gladstone Harbour and build the fourth gas export plant on Curtis Island.

The Cairns Regional Council has expressed some annoyance at having to delay its plan to rid the town of flying foxes.

Evidence has been found of diverse life forms which have been locked in lakes buried beneath Antarctica for over one hundred thousand years.

Almost everybody is familiar with the slow roll of waves at the beach, the subject of millions of cliché postcards and holiday snaps, but now scientists have recorded the breaking of waves as tall as skyscrapers - deep beneath the ocean’s surface.

Manta rays are immense, smooth, dark, intimidating and certainly difficult to miss, but scientists in Queensland are concerned about the future of the world’s largest ray.

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