WA households and businesses are getting into solar at a record rate.

Rooftop solar installations increased by 33 per cent last year, rising as the cost of the technology drops.

New research by solar consultancy SunWiz shows ten of Australia’s top 20 solar-adopting suburbs are in WA.

The suburb of Wanneroo, Mandurah and Armadale leading the way.

“We're seeing solar prices have come down to levels they've never been before — prices in Perth are at their lowest compared to the eastern states — and we're also seeing the electricity price rises really kicking in in Western Australia,” Sunwiz managing director Warwick Johnston said. 

“In Perth electricity prices started climbing again and [are] expected to do so for a number of years, so I think that's in people's minds, in people's consciousness when they're thinking about solar power.

“Those factors are really making solar something people are interested in.”

WA’s sunny credentials are being celebrated at the same time as over 40 interest groups have come together to call for action on climate change.

The coalition of doctors, farmers and church groups, wants the WA Government to commit to a 100 per cent renewable energy target for 2030.

“We understand the target is ambitious but it's been modelled as being possible and it's been modelled in such a way we believe it can achieved,” said climate coalition spokesperson Dr Richard Yin.

“Everything has a cost. To not proceed down this line has an effect on our climate, to not proceed has a health impact, the combustion from coal kills many thousands of people in Australia each year and the estimated cost is about $2.6 billion in terms of our health cost.”