The Victorian Government has announced $1.6 million in funding for a cutting-edge hydro-electricity project that uses a Victorian-developed technology to harness kinetic energy in open water flow to generate power.


State Minister for Energy and Resources Michael O’Brien announced Cetus Energy had won the funding under the Victorian Energy Technology Innovation Strategy (ETIS).


Cetus Energy\'s blade turbine system can harness the power of open water flows from multiple directions, where conventional hydro power plants can only harness water flowing in one direction to drive their turbines.



\"This exceptional Victorian-developed technology can extract significant energy from outfall flows that cannot be tapped by normal hydro power plants,\" Mr O\'Brien said.


\"These technologies have the potential to make an important contribution to Victoria\'s energy mix in the future and by supporting these projects the Government is helping to create new highly skilled jobs, build Victorian expertise and attract investment to the state.\"


The project will see Cetus install a 100 kilowatt system in the outfall flows of the Rubicon Hydroelectric Scheme, 40 kilometres south-west of Alexandra, with 10 turbines drawing energy from the water flowing in the channel system.


The project aims to demonstrate the ability to add significant electricity generation capacity to existing hydro-electric assets without the need for major infrastructure investment or upgrades.