The Federal and Tasmanian Governments have agreed to requests by the Tasmanian Forestry Agreement Signatories for additional time through to 23 July.


State Minister for Energy and resources, Bryan Green, said the time was needed to finalsie negotiations in relation to the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement.


"In agreeing to this request both Governments recognised that this will extend the negotiations beyond the period covered by the current Conservation Agreement which was signed by both Governments and Forestry Tasmania," Mr Green said.


"To avoid any uncertainty about the conservation status of the areas protected under the Conservation Agreement, it has been agreed to extend the existing agreement through to 31 August 2012.


"It is important that the TFA process be given every chance of reaching a successful negotiated outcome, and it is a sensible decision to extend the agreement to 31 August to allow this to occur."