The Queensland Government has announced it will shell out $4 million over the next two years towards the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership, provided industry matches the contribution.

Deputy Premier, Jeff Seeney, said that the funding would deliver $1 million in set up costs, then $1.5 million each year for two years towards the Partnership’s operation.

Mr Seeney said that the funding would be provided if industry promised to match the $3 million over two years.

“We are ready to put up our money, but expect industry to pull its weight so this partnership can ensure the ongoing monitoring and improvement of the harbour and surrounding catchments,” Mr Seeny said.

State Environment Minister, Andrew Powell, said that the Partnership would be responsible for a number activities, including:

  • recommending collaborative actions the Gladstone Regional Council, the Queensland Government and industry could take to maintain and continuously improve harbour health
  • making decisions informed by recommendations from the independent science panel
  • be responsible for the publication of the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Report Card and the Partnership’s response to the Report Card