A series of maps depicting the growing global action against global climate change has been published by the Federal Government.


Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet, said that the new maps show how the global effort has grown from when the first price on pollution was put in place to where there are now over 30 countries with a carbon price of emission trading scheme in place.


"Back in 1990, when Finland and Netherlands first introduced a carbon tax, 20 million people lived in a place where polluters paid for their pollution," Mr Combet said in a speech to Carbon Expo on 9 November.


"By 2020, based on announced policies around the world, around 3 billion people will be living in a place where polluters pay for their pollution."


Mr Combet said the maps clearly show that Australia is not acting alone and that climate change action is now a global reality.


The map is set to change significantly when South Africa, California and China introduce or trial a price on pollution.


The full set of maps can be fpound here