The NSW Minister for the Environment Robyn Parker has announced an independent review of the waste and environment levy. The review was identified as a priority action under Goal 23 in the strategy, ‘NSW 2021: A plan to make NSW number one’.


The waste levy aimed to increase recycling in New South Wales by making the recovery of waste more financially attractive than sending it to landfill.


The review is seeking stakeholder views on how the levy operates as well as ensuring that it continues to increase recycling and reduce the waste that goes to landfill.


Contributions are invited across four key areas:

  1. the impact of the waste levy on the recycling industry
  2. the impact of the waste levy on households
  3. funding arrangements to facilitate greater investment in infrastructure with local councils and industry
  4. the impact of the waste levy on illegal dumping, including the proper disposal of asbestos.

The independent review is being conducted by consultancy firm KPMG.

The Terms of Reference for the waste levy review are  available, and a series of stakeholder forums on the waste levy review will be held during the consultation period. More information is here.