Europe’s beautiful yet haunting new underwater museum is open.

The new Museo Atlantico features more than 300 sculptures by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, hidden deep in waters off the Spanish island of Lanzarote, accessible only to snorkelers, divers and sea life.

Submerged at depths of up to 15 metres, the installation are designed to stun and inspire visitors with depictions of people, animals, boats and even a 100-tonne, 30-metre-long wall and a botanic garden.

The installations present themes of social and environmental change, touching on the refugee crisis, wage inequality, ocean pollution and climate change.

The sculptures are made from an environmentally-friendly pH-neutral concrete that will eventually grow into an artificial reef, acting as a breeding site for local species.

In fact, the museum says that in the oldest parts of the project, installed in February 2016, angel sharks, barracuda, sardines and octopus are already making themselves at home.

More information is available here.