The Independent Verification Group has released its assessment of the Tasmanian forestry industry’s timber supply requirements and the conservation values of nominated areas of Tasmania’s native forests.


Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke said delivery of the advice to the Australian and Tasmanian Governments, and the community, was a significant milestone in the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). 


The Federal and Tasmanian Governments are currently in the process of implementing the IGA as part of the response to increasing pressures and challenges faced by the timber industry, which has shed thousands of jobs in the recent years as a result of changing timber market conditions.


The IGA was developed in response to calls from the industry, unions and environment groups.


Professor Jonathan West led an independent process with forestry and conservation groups to verify the high conservation value of native forests nominated under the IGA, and the timber supplies needed to meet industry needs. The independent verification process was agreed by groups involved in the IGA.


“The Tasmanian forestry industry faces huge challenges and that’s why we are working hard to support workers and secure a sustainable future – without the IGA timber communities would be hit by these market changes without the support they need,” Mr Burke said. 


“For the first time we have an independent view of the current demands for wood supply and the different conservation values of areas within Tasmania.


“This independent information provides a foundation for any discussions about jobs, timber communities or conservation. Without the IGA, this foundation would never have been established.


The report can be found here