The NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson has announced $8 million in funding for  weed management across NSW.


The funding will be directed to the Weeds Action Grants Program and broader research and development initiatives to control noxious weeds, improve agricultural productivity and protect the environment.


Under the Weeds Action Program, the NSW Government is supporting the roll out of 13 regional weed management projects to provide a more strategic and regionally-coordinated approach to weed management.


On the North Coast, the funding is assisting local authorities to target Tropical Soda Apple and stop the spread of the weed by isolating and controlling cases in the Clarence Valley and Nambucca Shires.


Further south, the Sydney Weeds Committee and Hunter Councils are establishing new measures to prevent incursions of aquatic weeds such as alligator weed and Senegal tea plant.


Serrated tussock is also being targeted including in the Southern Tablelands area.


More information is here.