A software firm is creating an electric vehicle subscription service.

Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is rising in Australia, but some barriers remain.

Reports like the “State of EVs in Australia 2019” have found that range anxiety the high purchase price of electric cars are keeping people away from the emissions-free transport option.

A new subscription service launched by software startup Blinker aims to give drivers a taste of the next-gen technology, without a big buy-in.

“We have a network of dealers we are hoping to announce later this month,” says Blinker managing director and co-founder Michael Higgins.

“We’re now beginning to see a trend towards [electric vehicles] and people wanting to do it specifically for EVs.”

Anthony Broese van Groenou, co-founder of EV importer Good Car Company, has told leading EV news site The Driven that electric cars and subscription services are a natural fit.

“What is interesting about subscription and EVs is that they are very much entwined,” he said.

“It allows people who want to get into EVs but are a little bit unsure … to try a car from 30 days as opposed to full ownership. If they like it they can buy or they can stay and subscribe.

“Generally speaking it is significantly more affordable than hiring a car.

“Hire cars include registration, insurance and maintenance but … [they are getting] customers in and out of them every few days, and they’re paying a large marketing cost [for that].

“The average Australian often will struggle to see what they are actually paying into their vehicles. People on average wouldn’t think they’re paying approx $20 a week just for registration, or $21 a week for insurance.”

“They often just think; ‘What are my potential car repayments?’ The subscription just bundles them all into one.”

The new subscription service should be available later in 2020, depending on coronavirus-related logistics factors.