Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus has savaged Australian carbon pricing policies, likening them to communism and saying they would be liable to “substantially challenge” freedom and prosperity.


Mr Vaclav, a critic of mainstream global warming theories, delivered a speech to the National Press Club in which he broke from accepted political protocol and slammed the Federal Government’s policies.


Mr Vaclav’s speech, delivered in a private capacity, was attended by another well-known climate change sceptic, Christopher Monckton.


“I feel threatened not by global warming – I don’t see any – but I feel threatened by global warming doctrine which I consider a new danger doctrine to control and mastermind my life,” Mr Klaus said in his speech.


Mr Klaus’s attack on Australia’s carbon policy comes in stark contrast to the comments made by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who publically backed the policies being pursued.


“Around the world right now people are moving towards a low-carbon economy as the future, that is what is happening,” Mr Blair said.