The CSIRO is leading a review into the science underpinning the new Murray-Darling Basin Plan.


The CSIRO's Bill Young is leading the review and it will examine whether the hydrological and environmental models that are being used are appropriate.


The review will consider:

  1. The completeness and relevance of the knowledge-base of existing environmental and hydrological scientific literature and data sets accessed by MDBA in the development of the Basin Plan (10% of effort).
  2. The published and unpublished documents prepared by MDBA and its consultants describing the methods, analyses and modelling undertaken to guide development of the proposed Basin Plan, including any relevant previous peer reviews of components of the work (50% of effort).
  3. Presentations from, and interviews with, senior MDBA staff around components of the scientific and technical work, especially those components for which documentation is currently incomplete (30% of effort).
  4. The documents being drafted by MDBA to describe the technical methods, analysis and modelling for use in the consultation process for the proposed Basin Plan (10% of effort).


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