The Federal Government has invited the community to comment on the next phase of the Caring for our Country imitative.


Environment Minister Tony Burke and Agriculture Minister Senator Joe Ludwig released An Outline for the Future which sets out the broad framework for the next five years of Caring for our Country and will form the basis for community feedback over the coming eight weeks.


"An Outline for the Future document sets out the strategic objectives for the second five year phase of Caring for our Country to ensure Australia's environmental assets are conserved, resilient and healthy, and our agricultural base is sustainable, productive and resilient,” Mr Burke said.


"These objectives have been developed after extensive consultation with the community and reflect national and community priorities for natural resource management across Australia.


Consultation will run until 15 August, with the Government holding stakeholder meetings and forums coupled with the release of discussion papers.


The next five years of the program will see an emphasis on the marine environment and strengthening the connection between urban communities and the environment, as well as a continued focus on the Great Barrier Reef, regional delivery, competitive grants and Working on Country. Current intergovernmental activities relating to new incursions for weeds, pests and diseases will also be brought under Caring for our Country.


The next phase will also see the program complement other major investments including the Clean Energy Future's Land Sector Package, the Water for the Future Program and onshore biosecurity. Together these initiatives will form a comprehensive and integrated approach to natural resource management in Australia.


For information on the public consultation process or to download a copy of An Outline for the Future, visit