Adani is contesting a $12,000 fine from the Queensland Government over a sediment stormwater spill at the Abbot Point coal terminal.

Adani has given notice to QLD’s environment department of their intention to contest the fine in court.

The company had a temporary emissions licence for water management during Tropical Cyclone Debbie, but was fined for breaching the conditions by releasing eight times more sediment than it was licensed for.

Environmental groups labelled the fine inadequate, as it was miniscule compared to the profit made by the company by use of the port.

Investigations over the environmental impact of the release has been launched, leaving open the possibility of a multi-million-dollar fine if Adani was proven to have caused environmental harm.

There is a maximum fine of up to $3.8 million for wilful non-compliance of temporary emissions licenses causing environmental harm and up to $2.7 million for unintentional non-compliance.