The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched its new Carbon Price Claims Hotline in a bid to curtail suspected price gouging related to carbon pricing after the Federal Government’s carbon tax comes into effect at the beginning of July.


“The ACCC Carbon Price Claims Hotline, 1300 303 609, and online carbon price claim form, will make it easier for consumers and business to complain if they suspect false price claims are being made about the carbon price,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said.

“The ACCC is concerned that consumers may be duped into accepting a price increase for a product or service because of the carbon price, when the carbon price is actually not the cause.”  


“The ACCC hotline will make it easier for consumers and small business to alert the ACCC if what they’re seeing doesn’t look quite right. Consumers or businesses can contact us if they think a carbon price claim is false.” 

To report a claim or for further information on the ACCC’s role in relation to carbon price claims and a range of associated publications for businesses and consumers, visit Suspect claims can also be reported on 1300 303 609.