French car manufacturer Renault and electric network supplier Better Place have confirmed their partnership to bring over the all-electric version of its Fluence sedan, the Fluence ‘Z.E’ (zero emission).


The plan will see the Z.E on sale sometime mid next year after Better Place announced it will continue to raise the $1 billion required to install infrastructure for a country wide roll out of the car. Use of Better Place’s recharge stations will be on a subscription basis


The ZE will be powered by a synchronous electric motor that will produce 70kW and 226Nm of torque and will draw energy from its 22kWh lithium-ion battery, offering a range of 185 kilomters per charge. The car is expected to retail at about $30,000.


"By 2013 Better Place will give Australia the largest electric car charge network in the world, which is expected to outpace current deployment plans in market-leading countries including the US and China," Better Place says.